certified orthodontic online courses

Certified fixed orthodontic course

Introduction to fixed orthodontics, Straight wire technique, MBT, ROTH Systems, Instrumentation
 and Armamentarium.Diagnosis and Treatment plan. 
Principles of fixed orthodontics, Growth and development, Banding & Bonding , Bio-mechanics,
Dental & skeletal malocclusinons, class 1, class 2, class 3 cases management
extraction and non extration cases,Radiographic assesment in orthodontia.
Functional appliances ,Extraction and Non extraction cases , Head gears


 cephalometric tracings, Wire Separators and elastic separators placing Exercises on Models.
 Practicing of different Arch wire Placement, Permanent Anchorage Preparation with SS Wire Making Exercises
 Habit Breaking Appliances fabrication, Welding & Soldering technique
 Retention appliance Making Exercises, Expansion appliances
 Applications of auxiliaries such as..
 Elastics, E-Chain, open coil springs, closed coil springs, Elastic Modules,Ligature tying
(Invisible alighners, surgical Orthodontics, Mini screws) in Advanced Orthodontics. 

duration 01 to 06 months